Most common Python Interview Questions

Most common Python Interview Questions

Top Python Interview Questions and Answers

What is Python? What are the advantages of Python?

It is a basic Python interview question. Python is a programming language with built-in objects, modules, threads, exceptions, and automatic memory management. Python is simple and easy to use, portable, extendable, with a built-in data structure, and open-source.

How we use memory in Python? 

It is one of the important python interview questions. Python memory is managed by Python heap space. A private heap holds all Python objects and data structures. The allocation of Python heap space for Python Object is done by the Python memory manager. The core API provides access to some programming tools for programmers. Python also includes a built-in garbage collector that recycles all unused memory, frees it, and makes it available to the heap space.

What is the difference between by value and by reference in Python? python interview questions

In Python, everything is an object, and all variables are references to objects. The functions determine the reference values. As a result, you won’t be able to change the value of the references. If the item is modifiable you can change it.

List five advantages of using Python?

The following are five advantages of Python-

Python has a large standard library for most Internet platforms, such as email, HTML, and so on.

Python does not require manual memory management because the interpreter automatically allocates and frees memory for new variables.

The usage of square brackets makes it easier to read.

In addition, it is simple to learn.

What are some of Python’s applications?

It is a common python interview question. Every recruiter almost asks the freshers. Python is used in a variety of software domains. For example–  Internet and Web Development, Playing games, Applications in science and computation, The development of language, likewise Applications for image processing and visual design, Development of enterprise and business apps, Computer operating systems, Desktop apps with a graphical user interface.

How do Django, Pyramid, and Flask differ from one other?- important Python interview questions

Many students remark this question as commonly asked in their python interview question. Flask is a “microframework” designed for small applications with straightforward needs. You don’t need to use external libraries in a flask. The flask is now ready for use.

Pyramids are used for big projects. It gives developers flexibility and allows them to use the correct tools for their projects. You can choose the database, URL structure, templating style, and more. Like Pyramid, we use Django for larger applications. It includes an ORM.

What is the difference between Break, Continue, and Pass statements in Python?

This question can be asked in most python interview questions students faced. These statements are known as loop control statements since they help to vary the execution phase from the typical flow.

Break statement in Python- This statement is used to end a loop or a statement and pass control to the next statement.

Python Continue- Rather than halting the iteration when a certain condition is met, this statement forces the execution of the following iteration.

Pass in Python- This statement helps the code to write syntactically and wants to skip the execution. We also consider it as a null operation.

What is the meaning of NumPy and SciPy in Python?- commonly asked Python interview questions

SciPy stands for Scientific Python, while NumPy stands for Numerical Python. In addition, NumPy is the basic library for defining arrays and solving elementary mathematical issues. But SciPy is used for other issues like numerical integration, optimization, and machine learning.

Python interview questions for experienced

What is Python’s Tuple Matching?

Tuple matching is a method of grouping tuples in Python by matching the second member in each tuple. In python programming, it is accomplished by utilizing a dictionary and inspecting the second member in each tuple. In addition, We can create new tuples by combining parts of existing tuples.

What is the Python function enumerate()? – top asked python interview questions

Enumerate() is a built-in Python method that assigns an index to each item in an iterable object. It creates a loop on iterable objects while keeping track of the current item and returns the object in the enumerable form. The list() method can be used in a for loop to convert this object into a list.

What is the best way to convert a number to a string?

This is one of the most often asked python interview questions. The built-in str() function can be used. We can utilise additional built-in functions like oct() or hex() to get an octal or hexadecimal representation ().

Does Python have a main() function?

Yes, it does. It is executed automatically whenever we run a Python script. We may also utilize the if statement to overrule the natural flow of things.

In Python, what are “docstrings”? – important Python interview questions

Documentation strings, often known as docstrings, are multiline strings that are used to document a specific code segment. Docstrings should ideally define what a function or method does and should be included in triple quotes. Because they aren’t allocated to any variables, docstrings can be used as comments.

What is String Concatenation, Indexing, and Slicing?

Concatenation- It joins two Strings together.

Indexing- Which gets a single character from a String.

Slicing- Which gets several characters from a string at once.

What exactly is PEP 8?- python interview questions

It is one of the commonly asked Python interview questions. PEP 8 is a paper that assists us in providing rules on how to write Python code. Guido van Rossum, Barry Warsaw, and Nick Coghlan wrote it in 2001. It stands for Python Enhancement Proposal, and its main goal is to make Python code more readable and consistent.

What is Swapcase() function in Python?

This is also one of the important python interview questions. It’s a string function that changes all uppercase letters to lowercase letters and vice versa. Its purpose is to change the string’s case. This function duplicates the string, containing all of the characters in the swap case. It generates a small case string if the string is in lowercase, and vice versa. All non-alphabetic letters are ignored by default.

Software Engineering Jobs

There are lots of opportunities for students who are interested to start their career as a Software Engineer. Lots of carer objectives are available one just needs to know all this.

Data Scientist-

If you interested to work as a Software Engineer in any company then you can choose Data Scientist as a career. Because it is related to software engineering background. A Data Scientist is a professional responsible for collecting data, analyzing, interpreting extremely large amounts of data. Data Scientist is an advanced role of several technical roles, mathematician and computer professionals. This is also a top job opportunity as a software engineer. And the salary is also high. A data scientist gets Rs.8-10 Lakh per Annum. As a Data Scientist, you can work in IT companies, non-IT companies, even in Bank also.

Full-Stack Developer-

If you are a student from an engineering background and you are interested in programming languages. Then you can become a full-stack developer. But for this, you must know programming languages especially Python.  In the interview, you will face Python interview questions. The salary package of a Developer is also high. A full-stack Developer gets Rs.10 to 15 LPA. Which is considered a high-salary job in India. Also, the demand for Full-Stack Developers is really high. Top companies search for freshers and experienced who have good programming college for this job role. Their main work is related to coding. They design and build websites according to their client’s demands with the help of HTML/CSS. As a Full-Stack Developer, you can work in IT companies.

Software Developer-

If someone is interested in coding then they can choose a career as a software developer. It is a high demanded job in IT companies. And Salary is also high. As a Software Developer one can get up to Rs.10 lakh per annum, it may vary. If anyone has experience then they can get a salary up to Rs.20LPA. If you know some programming languages like C, C++, JAVA, Python, Ruby then you can try for good companies for this job role. The job role of Software Developers is to create innovative software programs and applications in terms of customer’s needs.

Machine Learning Expert-

There is also one great opportunity to work as a Machine Learning Expert. Nowadays it has become a more demanding job. And Salary is also high. A Machine Learning expert can get up to Rs.20 LPA, which is a great salary. Top IT companies search for freshers and experienced for this job role. If one has advanced knowledge of programming languages and Machine Learning then this is a great career option.

Cyber Security Analyst-

If you want to become a Software Engineer then this is also a great option. The main work of a Cyber-Security Analyst to check the security of all important sites and to secure them. It is also an interesting and high demanding job. The pay scale is also high for the job role. Salary may differ from Rs.8 to 10 lakh per annum. If you are experienced then you can get a higher salary. For this job role, one must have programming knowledge. And basic programming skills, App development all this. As a Cyber-Security Analyst, you can work in good IT companies, non-IT companies, and in Bank also. This job role has many job openings everywhere.

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So anyone who is interested to grow their career in software background or interested in computer knowledge then this article will definitely help. Some students have knowledge but they don’t have proper guidance on how to deal with interview questions. Everyone knows the importance of an interview for selection. Especially if you want to apply for IT jobs then in an interview recruiters ask maximum questions from programming knowledge. So it is very important to know about all programming languages. One must know C, C++, Java, Python, Java Script all this. All languages are equally important depending on the role you are applying for.

Although many students find Python difficult. Because interviewers ask questions in a different way to confuse students. So if you don’t know the pattern of asking questions in an interview then you may face trouble. That is why We tried to mention all possible Python interview questions that anyone asks in an interview.  It is for freshers and experienced also. Because question types may differ based on experience purpose. In conclusion, I just want to mention you read all these questions before your interview then definitely it will help you. You will feel more confidant about the subject. And you will increase your chances of selection. Because we mention here almost top Python interview questions. In fact, we also mention career options as a Software Engineer to guide students to chase their dream job.

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